What’s In My Camera Bag

A list of the core items in my camera bag I bring on 90% of my travels. For a complete list of everything I use click here.


sony_ilce7rm2_b_alpha_a7r_iii_mirrorless_1369441Sony A7RIII

Sony’s 42MP beast of a camera with 15 stops of dynamic range, no AA filter, 10fps burst mode, dual SD cards, amazing EVF, the list goes on. It also has amazing video features for when I need it with 1080p 120fps and 4K FF with no pixel binning. Definitely my favorite camera to date.

s3-product-8d2976518d5550fb31b847c631aec790DJI Phantom 4 Pro+

A good compromise of image quality and size. Awesome H.265 4K video quality and 20MP stills, always gets the job done without any errors and fights the wind like a boss.

gopro_chdhx_601_hero6_black_1354531GoPro Hero 6

My go to camera for mounting on top of my camera. Perfect for BTS and a camera POV perspective. Excellent for aerial photography as well.



1504629047000_IMG_863927Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 G Master

My go to ultra wide angle lens, very sharp corner to corner, no vignetting or color fringing. My filter system works on there too, all around a big win.


iso2470gmSony 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master

The workhorse lens! This is on my camera 80% of the time, great for portrait, landscape, aerial photography, street, literally almost any situation. Fantastic image quality and optics, a must have for the Sony mirrorless system.

sony_sel100400gm_fe_100_400mm_f_4_5_5_6_gm_1333230Sony 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G Master

My favorite telephoto lens, super sharp, excellent image quality, perfect focal range for landscape. Overall a big win for the kind of work I do.



rrs-4Really Right Stuff TVC34L / BH-55 Ballhead

Probably one of the most rugged and solid tripods money can buy in the photography world. It’s the perfect combination of weight, folded/extended length and overall durability. Always super stable and never fly’s away in the wind.


pkd0008Peak Design Sling Strap

100% the best camera strap I’ve ever used. Super comfortable and never gets in the way, also holds a ton of weight.

LensCoat_LCRSMBK_RainCoat_RS_Rain_Sleeve_870829LensCoat Rain Cover (Medium)

Super important for any kind of outdoor photography, you never know when it’s going to rain. Perfect for walking around as well as having your camera mounted on a tripod with full access to controls. Always keep this in my bag!


Camera Bags:

mindshift_gear_360_backlight_26l_backpack_charcoal_1186107Mindshift Gear BackLight 26L

Since I switched to Sony mirrorless I was able to cut down the size of my camera bag. Lightweight, rugged and durable and has plenty of space plus an expandable front pocket which is amazing.

downloadMindshift Gear FirstLight 40L

This bag is gigantic, I only bring this when I need to literally bring everything or if I’m doing video work and need the space for the stabilizer. It’s also the max size for an overhead carry on.

download (2)Peak Design Everyday Messenger 15

Favorite messenger bag of all time when I just need my laptop and/or my camera and extra lens. Awesome bag all around!



fh-7 Formatt Hitech 100mm Filter System

My favorite filter company, they make the firecrest filters which are completely color neutral and have a range of different solid / graduated filters. I use the 3 stop, 6 stop, 10 stop and 16 stop solid and the 3 / 5 stop graduated 150mm filters along with the 105mm polarizer.


61JPyEqYGQL._SL1000_ Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Noise canceling headphones will save your life on long flights, it makes all the difference to not hear screaming kids on 15 hour flights. Great sound quality, 3 levels of noise canceling, 30 hour battery that charges via micro USB, total game changer for my travels.

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