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Travel Planning, Shooting & Workflow From Start To Finish

From prep to post and everything in between.


Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L Review

Camera bags! Every photographer knows there’s no such thing as too many bags and the perfect one doesn’t exist. I’ve owned so many camera bags ever since I’ve been into photography. Every brand from Think Tank, Crumpler, Lowepro, the list goes on, you name it I’ve owned it or used it. The one bag that

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Arches & Canyonlands National Park

I’ve been to a few National Parks in Utah and I’m not the biggest fan of them, I think these two might be the best ones in the state. While driving across the country to visit my family in Michigan for the holidays I decided to stop at Arches and Canyonlands because it was literally

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Bryce Canyon National Park

If you like hiking, long walks and trails that are photogenic, this is the place for you! Otherwise it’s just a more boring Zion NP.   Last year I went to Zion National Park, while it was really cool it was also a little boring. Same goes for Bryce Canyon, in comparison to other national

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Georgia & Great Smoky Mountains National Park

So this Fall season it was my goal to shoot the pretty colors that the season brings. Unfortunately seasons or any weather other than hot doesn’t exist in Southern California, so I made a trip across the country to the South. I actually lived in Atlanta for 6 months waaaaay long ago but never really

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Death Valley National Park 2015

Well I did it, I finally went to Death Valley and it was nothing like I thought it was going to be.   In my conquest to go to all the major national parks within a somewhat reasonable proximity to where I live I finally ventured to Death Valley. Based on all the pictures I’ve

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Zion National Park & Antelope Canyon

So I took a spontaneous trip without a whole lot of planning to Zion and somehow ended up in Arizona to try and find Antelope Canyon… again. I was actually planning on going to Death Valley but two days before I decided to go to Zion instead because it looked a bit nicer. Honestly, if

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