My Top 10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

Love it or hate it, IG is here to stay… for now. A lot of the content looks the same amongst influencers. However, every once in a while someone comes along with a new and refreshing view on photography. Here’s my top 10 favorite accounts.

#1. Gabriel Isak – @gabriel_isak

Gabriel is somewhat of a new find for me. Definitely in my top 10 favorite photographers ever because of how unique his style is. It’s the most complex-simplistic style I’ve ever seen and to a degree I’m a little jealous how amazing his style is. I read his story on FStoppers and instantly related because I’ve always wanted to shoot something similar. You can find more of his work here. (The Blue Journey is the coolest series ever)

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⚫️⚪️ (2018)

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#2. Max Rive – @maxrivephotography

Max’s photos definitely have the “wow” factor everytime I see his posts. Between his photo editing, stitching, and all the post work he does to his photo it’s an instant wow every time I see them. There’s so much post done to his photos I don’t even know if it’s possible to copy his style. Every year I see his summer Greenland workshop and I’m getting closer and closer to taking it. Find more of his work here.

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The glaciers of Switzerland during sunset

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#3. Amy Haslehurst – @brokensundowns

As a metal fan who likes dark and evil looking art this is an instant win for me. Super unique style, kind of what I said about Gabriel, I’m jealous of the style and wish I had the means to shoot something like it. Iceland is also my favorite place in the whole world (where she lives) so it’s extra cool to me. Find more of her work here.

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A homage to ‘The Ring’ – the first horror film I ever saw and changed my life. I was 12 when we popped it in at a sleepover and none of us slept for days. It’s incredible visual style and imagery stayed with me since, as well as the haunting idea of what happened to Samara down that well. It sparked a love in the macabre, the sad and the disturbing into me at a young age as well as a deep love for horror films (I’d actually love to make my own one day). One thing that has fascinated me lately, that I can’t figure out, is why so many people simply refuse to watch horror, especially when we intentionally surround ourselves with things of real horror every day. I was stunned to learn today how little horror films had ever been nominated for oscars. What’s your thoughts?

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#4. Paul Nicklen – @paulnicklen

Paul is the man! His content is real, it has depth and meaning to it, easily the best conservation photographer out there right now. I’ve been following his work for a while and it would be a dream of mine to join his team Sea Legacy on one of their trips. A majority of his work is with Nat Geo and their guidelines for photos are strict meaning everything you see is real and not photoshopped. The level of dedication to the craft and the amount of work that goes into his photos show, I’ve never seen anything like it. (if you’re reading this Paul, please hire me) Find more of his work here.


#5. Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard

This list wouldn’t be complete without Burkard! Right now I think he’s one of the best adventure photographers out there. Everybody wants to work with him, photographers want to be him, his work is awesome and if you follow him you know how hard he works to get the shot. Find more of his work here.


#6. Andrew Studer – @andrew.studer

I’ve been following him since Instagram was barely a thing. It’s been really cool to see his work evolve over time and how far he’s gone in his career. I could be wrong but I think he was one of the first people to make the Oregon Gorge a popular spot amongst Instagram. Love his work and IG stories and how non-instagram his work is, they’re just really great photos all around. Find more of his work here.

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Come sail away

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#7. Lindsay Adler – @lindsayadler_photo

Hands down one of the best portrait/beauty photographers in the history of ever. Her studio work paired with her creativity is on another level. Literally no words for her work, shes the best of the best. Every time I think of a portrait photographer she’s the first that comes to mind. Find more of her work here.


#8. Kristina Makeeva Kotleta Timon – @hobopeeba

I don’t even know how to describe her style other than wow. So different unlike anything I’ve ever seen, extremely high concept and fantasy driven, amazing depth and color. I honestly wonder how much of it is photoshop and how much is practical because for how out there it is, it seems doable in camera. The best part of her style is that she always posts something new and different, like everyday. Simply amazing, you have to see it to believe it. Find more of her work here.


#9. Daniel Kordan – @danielkordan

One of my favorite photographers all the way. He’s a fellow landscape photographer, his work is as good as it gets. His Greenland and Antarctica series is absolutely amazing and makes me want to go there everytime I see his photos. In fact all of his photos are amazing and inspire me to keep traveling. Find more of his work here.


#10. Darren Jew – @darrenjew

I first found out about Darren on Tales By Light season 1 on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of ocean and underwater photography so his work is an instant favorite for me. One day I hope check off a bucketlist item and take his workshop in Tonga to photograph humpback whales in the wild. Find more of his work here.

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Yesterday was the last day on the water for our 6th @whalesunderwater group for this season and this gorgeous young fella said goodbye in the best possible way. He’s really striking in his black attire with pin-stripe pleats and he treated us all to quite the morning out. He and his mum started the day with a singing escort, but when that guy left the party it was all about this little one. So much fun he left everyone with a smile on their face 🙂🐋💙🙏🏼 Thanks crew Michael and Denny for your parts in a great week. Two groups to go for 2018! #whalesunderwater #whalesunderwater18 #wuwtonga18 #wuwhumpbacks18 #tonga #swimwithwhales Get smiles all around yourself by joining the whales, me, @pxlexplorer and the whole @whalesunderwater crew here in Tonga!

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And that’s my list. There’s about a million more amazing accounts/creatives out there I could list but these are definitely my favorites. Show them all some love and give them a follow if you like their work.

Let me know who your favorite Instagrammers are below. Thanks for reading!

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