Why You Should Pursue Your Passion

There’s having a job, a career and a passion. Believe it or not they’re different from each other. The goal is turn your passion into a career, not a job.

I’m going to piggyback off my last post a little bit and break down why you should stop dreaming about what you want to do and just go for it.

A job is something you go to everyday and dread waking up in the morning for. I’ve experienced it, it’s not fun. This is where most people get stuck in that 9-5 rut. The more money you make the more money you spend and become dependent on that 9-5 and can’t break away from it. You don’t want this.

A career is a life long job that usually grants financial stability and hopefully involves something you enjoy. Less people have this than they should. It’s one step above having a “job”.

A passion is something you love doing and would die for. When you wake up in the morning you should be excited to go out and do whatever you do, not hate your life. The ultimate goal is to combined the career part with this. When you do you’ve reached the state of enlightenment and can pass through the gates of Valhalla.


I’ll be honest here, I was pretty torn for a while. I kept having an internal battle with myself about what I wanted to do versus what I was doing. It wasn’t until after I quit my job, sold everything and started doing what I really wanted to that things got better. At the end of 2016 I took off a month from work and when I got home and started thinking about work again that I absolutely dreaded it, so I took a big risk and pursued my passion with an end goal in mind.

When I finally took the plunge all these amazing opportunities came out of no where like the planets aligned at the right time. A bunch of people reached out to me after I shared my last post and on top of the amazing response I received I couldn’t believe how much I had in common with other people after they shared their stories with me.

Having support from your friends and family is absolutely crucial to making your passion work, any negative energy will kill your vibe and set you up for failure. Starting a new beginning in 2017 I cleansed myself of people that didn’t contribute positively to my life and honestly it’s helped tremendously, I highly recommend it. Only surround yourself with positive and supportive people. It’s like trimming the split ends of your hair, totally refreshing.

At this point in the post you might be thinking how to just up and quit your 9-5 and jump right into pursuing a passion without living on the street. The good news is, it’s possible. There’s 24 hours in a day, 8 hour of work, 8 hours of sleep and another 8 hours of free time (in theory) and weekends. Use your free time wisely and don’t waste it on things that don’t contribute to working towards a viable goal. Make little steps everyday towards what you really want to do. It took me 3 years working a job I barely liked to finally quit and take the dive. Over the 5 years I was into photography I traveled a ton, shot various different styles, learned how to edit, etc. The list goes on but I finally felt like I was at the point where I was confident enough in my work to jump ship.

While success and quitting your job isn’t an over night thing, it’s important to have an end game goal in mind. In today’s world people make a career out of anything, the skies the limit!

One of my favorite quit your job and pursue your passion stories is the mighty “Misshattan”. I’m a big fan of her work and love her story of how she was working a stable career on wall street to quit to pursue photography after blowing up on Instagram. Check out her story here.

Another success story is Amanda Bucci, in pursuit of a nursing degree she quit to do fitness full time. I started getting into fitness myself last year so for me this is a big inspiration. You can check her out here.

Finally, another person I follow regularly is Rob Strok. I love his style and the content he posts. He just couldn’t figure out what he wanted to pursue until he quit school and realized it was in front of him the whole time. He travel’s all over the place and does his own thing and seems to be successful at it. The crazy thing is he’s only 20 and killing it! Check out his story here.

We’re here for a limited time on this plane of existence and if you’re not doing what you love then your not really living the life you we’re meant to live. So why not go for what you really want to do in life? In the end there is nothing to lose.

Stop dreaming and start living, as Allie Taylor says.


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