Sleeklens Through The Woods Lightroom Workflow Review

I was recently approached by a company called Sleeklens to do a review of their Lightroom Through The Woods Workflow Presets. This is a totally new workflow for me because I usually do everything from scratch without presets, I think that might change now.


Through The Woods Workflow Presets are designed specifically for landscape and nature photographers. They also offer Lightroom presets for other shooting styles as well: Portraits, HDR, etc, you name it they got it. You can check out the collection – Here.

They also offers a Professional Photo Editing service you can check out – Here

Instillation of the brushes and workflow presets was super easy, they have a guide on their website how to install them as well as a PDF that’s included with your purchase. A couple clicks and you have 50 workflow presets and 30 brushes at your fingertips.

One really cool thing about this is it’s not a filter over your image like Instagram, it’s actual camera raw settings so you can go in and fine tune it to your liking. I usually spend anywhere from 30 minutes – 2 hour editing my landscape images, depending on the photo of course. With presets I can cut down my editing time by a ton.

Not only do the color presets look great but the black and white ones are really good too. I can never get B&W to look good on my own, with a single click it looks awesome, like seriously.

sl-1-sssl-1“Pressed In Time” preset used on this one. Only tweak I did was increased shadows because the right side was pretty dark in the raw.

sl2-reg“Calm Sunset” is the preset used above, only minor tweak was to the white balance to add some warmth.


The brush presets are another cool addition. I used the “DarkenShadows” brush on the photo above. It’s a subtle change but I think it added that extra little something to make it better.


And finally, one of my favorite images with the “Extending DR – Crispy & Sharp” preset. It’s literally just the preset without any adjustments and it looks awesome.


Would I recommend this?

Definitely! Everybody has a different workflow when it comes to processing their images and this is just another tool to help you get there. Whether you’re using it as a starting point or for a finished finished image these presets are really legit.

You can purchase the Through The Woods Lightroom Workflow Presets – Here

Thanks for reading!

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