Georgia & Great Smoky Mountains National Park

So this Fall season it was my goal to shoot the pretty colors that the season brings. Unfortunately seasons or any weather other than hot doesn’t exist in Southern California, so I made a trip across the country to the South.

I actually lived in Atlanta for 6 months waaaaay long ago but never really took note of the Fall colors (pre-photography career). When I got the opportunity from a family member to venture to that part of the country I couldn’t resist. Especially since my New York trip got canned because of work…

I was pretty North in Georgia, basically on the border of Tennessee. I never expected it to look the way it did, the colors were amazing! I even got to take a short trip to Great Smoky Mountains NP, didn’t get to shoot for long but still worth it. I will return for a proper visit!

Aside from the National Park spots everything else was within 10 miles of where I was staying, a lot of hidden gems! If you do go to the Smoky Mountains expect to wake up early to see why they call it “Smoky Mountains”. Every morning the fog covers the mountains and slowly rolls off, seriously an awesome sight.

For the Photographers: One thing I wasn’t expecting was the need for a telephoto lens. Really regretting leaving the 70-200 at home, more so for the National Park photos though. Expect to see a lot of animals, Elk in particular. I got to try out some new gear on this trip: Canon 5DS-R, Induro tripod, Really Right Stuff L Bracket, 6 stop ND, 10 stop ND and the new Canon 16-35 2.8L III. (Links below) If I could go back I’d only take the 16-35 or 24-70 and 70-200, really don’t need anything else honestly. One thing I noticed about the 5DS-R vs the 5DS which I normally shoot with is the R had a hard time rendering detail from trees especially far away. The non-tree shots were ultra sharp though.

Gear Used:

Canon 5DS-R

Canon 16-35 F/2.8L III

Canon 24-70 F/2.8L II

Induro GTT204M2 Tripod

Really Right Stuff L Bracket

Tiffen .9 ND Filter 82mm

Tiffen 82mm Graduated 0.6 ND Filter

Hoya 6 Stop ND 82mm Filter

Hoya 10 Stop 82mm ND Filter

Lowepro ProTactic 450AW


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