Mount Rainier National Park

MT. Rainier National Park! I never thought I’d make it up here but it finally happened! Based on the pictures I saw of this place it’s nothing like I expected.

This was also my first time in Washington and all I can say is trees upon trees upon trees… upon trees. There’s no lack on trees here, or even outside of the park. When you fly in all you see is trees and water. The amount of trees in this place makes Yosemite look like nothing.

Rainier is probably one of the most colorful places I’ve ever seen, everything is super green! This place gets so much rain and mist it’s just super green all year around, it’s amazing! It’s super refreshing from living in hot Southern California to actually see clouds, rain and greenery. 100% worth the trip up here. I even saw snow in the middle of July!

One thing that’s kind of nice and kind of sucks is because it’s so cloudy there’s not really a sunrise and a very mild sunset. The upside is I can actually sleep in, the downside is there’s no magical golden light in the morning or at the end of the day. 

If you make the trip up here expect no cell reception or WiFi in most places, even 20 miles before entering the park there’s nothing. Very few hotels have WiFi and even then it’s kind of slow. The cabin I stayed in didn’t have anything… 

A little advice for my photographer friends if you visit: Get a raincoat for your camera! You never know when your going to be shooting in the rain up here or by a waterfall, I made the mistake of not getting one before I flew out. My camera is very clean now. Peak Design makes one, I highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading, enjoy the photos!

Gear Used:

Canon 5DS

Canon 16-35 F/2.8L II

Canon 24-70 F/2.8L II

Canon 70-200 F/2.8L IS II

Tiffen .9 ND Filter 82mm

Tiffen .6 Graduated ND Filter 82mm

Lowepro ProTactic 450AW

Mefoto Roadtrip

Lightroom CC

Photoshop CC

MR-1 MR-2 MR-3 MR-4 MR-5 MR-6 MR-7 MR-8 MR-9 MR-10 MR-11 MR-12 MR-13 MR-14 MR-15 MR-16 MR-18 MR-19 MR-20 MR-21 MR-22 MR-23 MR-24 MR-25

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