8 thoughts on “Yosemite 2015

    1. Hey! As for photography advice, bring zoom lenses if you have them (wide angle and a telephoto) there isn’t much opportunity for the in between. I use the Canon 16-35 and 70-200, a 24-70 could also work. Also a tripod for long exposures (pretty obvious).

      Depending on where your staying check out glacier point, valley view and lower falls for sure the sequoias are also pretty cool. If your willing to make the hike then maybe vernal/Nevada falls and clouds rest. If your into the stars then try to get to a place as remote as possible (like glacier point).

      1. Thanks so much for the tips! I keep hearing about clouds rest, have to add it to my itinerary. The sequoias too! Would you recommend using a trigger for star photos?

      2. A trigger would be helpful for timelapse or startrails if your into that. Otherwise, 30 second exposures will work for milkyway/star pictures.

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