Review: Inovativ Ranger 36

A few weeks ago I finally received my Ranger 36 with the Echo top shelf after much anticipation and many hours of looking up pictures and videos online. And I have to say, it was absolutely worth the wait!

(Just a quick note: I don’t sponsor Inovativ Carts in any way. I just love their products!)

I actively work as a DIT on commercials, shorts, features and everything in between, so having a solid cart is super important. When you’re pushing a cart around, your pushing your money around (and the productions footage!). The main thing that drew to getting this cart was how easy it is to setup and tear down. At the end of a 12+ hour day, the last thing I want to do is wrestle with my cart when I’m packing everything into my car. This one only takes about 30 seconds to setup or tear down, its magical and easy!

Currently Inovativ makes three different models: The Ranger, Echo and the Scout and they all have three different sizes between each model. I decided to go with the Ranger 36 with the Echo top shelf. The Ranger and Echo are pretty much the same cart but the echo comes with drawers and a folded down lip on the top shelf making it the ideal workstation. I initially ordered the Scout 37 because of how compact it is and I decided to change it at the last minute because the Echo top shelf is more DIT oriented.

Honestly after seeing both carts in person I don’t think I would of had a problem using the Scout as a mobile workstation, it was just me being picky. If you’re considering getting one, all I can say is a Ranger 36 definitely does not fit in a Dodge Charger or any normal size sedan. If you have a small car definitely go with one of the Scout carts, you won’t be disappointed.. and it will fit properly.

My absolute favorite thing about the cart besides it being super easy to setup and tear down is how smooth and silent the wheels are when you’re pushing it around, it’s buttery smooth… like a Paula Dean amount of butter.

There’s a bunch of add-ons you can get that Inovativ sells, some of them only work on the Ranger/Echo and some only for the Scout. I decided to get the 5/8 baby pin system to attach a monitor to my cart (works on all models). It frees up a ton of room to work with on my top shelf now that I don’t need an actual monitor stand.

The final thing I’ll say about Inovativ carts is how amazing the customer service is! You can literally call anytime (8AM-4PM) and get a real person that will talk to you and help you out with anything you have a question about. I mentioned earlier that I changed my order at the last minute and that was so hassle free and silky smooth. It’s a breath of fresh air dealing with a company like Inovativ that makes solid handmade products in the USA with good, customer service. While it’s definitely not cheap, but you get what you pay for.


  • Hand made in the USA!
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super solid, it’s built like a tank
  • Tons of accessories to add on
  • Ultra smooth wheels
  • Adjustable height up to 10″
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Lighter than some other carts on the markets
  • Amazing customer service, the guys there are so cool!


  • The price, they’re pretty expensive
  • The wheels should be removable on all models
  • CNC built anything will have little imperfections
  • The Ranger/Echo only fits in SUVs, hatchbacks or larger cars (The Scout fits in all cars)
  • Not TSA friendly (The Scout is meant for flying)
  • You won’t want any other cart after you use one!

To wrap up my first review ever: I’d like to say overall its one of my favorite pieces of gear I’ve ever owned. It makes every part of my day that much easier when I’m using this cart!

If you have any questions you can leave a comment or contact me through my website. I also recommend you check out the Inovativ website for more info on their carts, thanks for reading! Now on to the photos!


*UPDATE* (As of August 2016) Been using it for over a year now pretty heavily on set and it’s still amazing. Used it in every terrain from mud, the desert, rain and just about anything you can think of. I also added the Cable Hooks and I highly recommend them if your doing any kind of DIT or VTR work.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Inovativ Ranger 36

    1. Hey! I’ve had it for about 2 months now and I’m still in love with it! The only advantage of the scout is it’s more for flying/traveling because the wheels come off (there’s also a sweet travel bag for it) and it weighs about 15lbs less I think.

  1. Howzit Armand. Great review of the Inovativ Ranger. Stumbled across your post as I was looking for some more photos of the cart, and voila. I have a Scout 37 myself and absolutely love it. It works more than I do, down in South Africa. I can completely attest to your Paula Dean metaphor as well, so buttery.

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