The Grand Canyon

First blog post of 2015!
A trip to the Grand Canyon is the best way to start off the new year! This was my first time there so it was pretty exciting. Most people wouldn’t be excited that it was winter but that was my favorite part, yes I love the cold… even when it’s -2 degrees at 6am.
If you’re thinking about going there it’s completely worth it. The best advice I can give is to plan out your trip. I didn’t do that too well so I didn’t get to see that much. Only the south rim is open during the winter, so your options are kind of limited. One of the days we “attempted” to go to Antelope Canyon but that got screwed over because the main road to go there was closed, followed by even more bad planning. However we did get to see the Colorado River closeup which was pretty awesome.
Despite not seeing as much as I wanted to it was still a pretty awesome trip. The landscape is absolutely amazing no matter what part of the canyon you visit. Some parts better than others but overall really good.


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