Comikaze 2014!

Well this one was a new one for me. I’ve never been to an anime/cosplay/comic convention before. I always wanted to go and when I found out I could get a press pass I jumped on it immediately. Being that this is one of the newer conventions I was a little surprised how busy it was, we barely got a parking spot and we only showed up 2 hours after it started. The costumes were really well done, I’ve only seen pictures of cosplayers online and I was surprised how realistic they looked in person. I totally geeked out when I saw Predator with Mini Predator… as well as all the Final Fantasy cosplayers and anything Transformers related. The best part was the food trucks and the variety they had, also how not super expensive they were since convention food can get pricey. Overall it was a pretty awesome event. I look forward to Comikaze 2015 along with all the other conventions next year!

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Gear Used:

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 24-70 F/2.8 Mark II

Canon 70-200 F/2.8


3 thoughts on “Comikaze 2014!

  1. Howdy, Im the “Big Predator”. You’re pictures look great! Although I’m sad that I didn’t give YOU a better angle instead of all the iphones LOL, because they could have been even better! Cheers

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