Yosemite is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to… ever! As I said in an earlier post I wanted to visit a few places this summer and Yosemite was one of those places.

If you’ve never been there you need to go! I’ve been waiting a really long time to go there and it was worth the wait. The air was fresh, the weather was perfect, the photos turned out amazing and I got to see the milky way!

So which parts of Yosemite did I visit?

Glacier Point

Half Dome, Vernal Falls & Nevada Falls.

Tunnel View

A view of Yosemite Valley.


Pretty much the biggest trees ever.

On The Way To Vernal Falls

I never made it to the top.

The Milky Way & Star Trails

The highlight of the trip.

So would I go again? Definitely! Someday I’ll go back, but probably in the winter.

You can easily stay there a week and not run out of things to do. Just driving from one place to another is an experience by itself.

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